Herringbone and Pick Stitch Suits

Published: 21st January 2009
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The herringbone suit is featured in the most recent collections from several of the biggest designers in men's fashion. Herringbone is a classic and elegant, yet fashionable style that is suitable for a range of events. This style remains a popular choice for wear to the office or at a variety of other functions or special occasions.
Our herringbone suits are available in several color choices. Darker colors, such as charcoal and navy remain popular choices for business purposes. In addition, you will find coat styles in two buttons, three button and other styles. We are sure you will find something to fit your needs and express your sense of style in our online catalog.
There is no need to sacrifice quality for price when you shop with Men's USA. Our mission is to provide high quality men's clothing, with a great selection, exceptional prices and superior customer service. The quality of our herringbone suits is similar to higher priced suits by famous designers. We use the same quality materials and excellent cut as designers such as Armani, Canali and Zegna.
Pick Stitch Suits
An interesting stitching called pic or pick stitching has been used on suits. Pick stitching is the outer threading outlining certain areas on suits or slacks. Some suits have pick stitching on the vertical seam in the back. It is a visible thread stitching of the same color on the outside. It may be a white threading if it is on the inside where the lining meets. Pick stitching offers a hand finished tailored look but is usually made by a machine.
Whether it is a suit with hand stitched or machine stitched lapels, the more stitching on lapels give a better looking suit. Do all tailored suits have noticeable stitched lapels? But a visible pick stitch can help the lapel maintain a crisp edge with a good finish. Pick stitching is a big plus for some suits.
3 Button Charcoal Geneve Men Suits Super 150 wool pick stitch suits are beautifully hand tailored suits available in many colors. Discount Mens Pick Stitch 3 Button Suits are dynamically designed and sophisticatedly stitched with professional tailors. Coppley 2 Button Center Vent Suit is with pick stitching on the lapel, and is designed well.
Giorgio Valentini Suits are three button pick stitch suits. Giorgio Valentini has fast established an international reputation as one of the premier manufacturers of top-quality fashion suits for men. They use only the finest worsted wools from Italy and employ expert European-trained tailors to produce clothing that provides the ultimate in masculine elegance and ease of wear.

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